Agricultural Tractors

Agricultural Tractors For Sale

A tractor is classified as a piece of heavy machinery which is used to carry out some work. As far as type of work this equipment can perform, it depends and varies, considering the size of machine, the power of machine, the implements attached to a machine and the purpose for which it has been designed to output the results. Technically speaking, a tractor can be the engine of a tractor-trailer truck, but more commonly, they are known as personal mowers or a vehicle that is used for agricultural purposes. Tractors are also used for excavation, in industrial manufacturing or mostly on construction sites.

The machine is also used for domestic purpose for various tasks. They can be used for mowing in the summer, landscaping projects, and plowing in the winter. Tractors are also useful for hauling materials from one area of a lawn to another because their tires are specially designed to not tear up grass and concrete as badly as other excavating equipment usually tends to do.

Small to mid-size tractors are designed which are powered by 20 to 80 horsepower engine for personal maintenance. The heavy duty tractors are designed with as high as 200 horsepower engines. Horsepower is the biggest factor to classify the types of tractors. Their engines are typically powered by either unleaded or diesel fuel, though some can run on grain.


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