Importance Of Fuel Efficient Cars in Uganda

Demand For Fuel Efficient Cars in Uganda

Uganda holds the extreme level of importance in promoting fuel-efficient cars in the country and has designed a complete framework execution plan in reducing carbon emissions and making a country a cleaner and healthier place to live in for people.

The Ugandan government is taking serious steps regarding fuel efficiency initiatives by keenly working on the national climate change policy to help promote usage of fuel-efficient vehicles and to reduce hazardous emissions of greenhouse gases from the transport sector. It is also implementing ways to find alternatives like renewable energy to provide cleaner fuel resources to its citizens. The core purpose of fuel efficiency initiative is to support fuel-efficient vehicle strategies and decrease emissions on per vehicle basis. It will keep an extreme focus on increasing fuel efficiency on both light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

It is a commendable initiative taken by government of Uganda on fuel-efficiency in vehicles by devising a well planned strategy of developing a fuel efficiency vehicles policy, developing a complete framework regulation for age of vehicle, developing an authorized national database on fuel efficiency and consumption on vehicle fleet, inspection and maintenance of vehicles, and promotion of cleaner fuel standards.

Have a look some of the best fuel efficient vehicles for the customers in Uganda:

Toyota Prius HSD

Toyota Prius HSD is an exclusive hybrid synergy drive small compact hatchback car ranked at the top position in Uganda. It provides an excellent fuel economy for customers with less amount of consumption of 4.1 liters on 100 Kilometers per mileage. It uses regenerative braking system to refuel energy in order to recharge the nickel-metal hydride lithium-ion electric motor battery and offers a dynamic smooth fast-paced driving journey experience.

Honda Jazz Hybrid

Honda Jazz Hybrid is the highly demanded fuel-saving vehicle in Uganda as it saves fuel of 4.5 liters on 100 Km distance mileage drive. It is a small and cheap affordable hatchback car for the entire family provides a lot of comfort and luxury with advanced key essential features for customers.

Ford Fiesta Titanium

Ford Fiesta Titanium provides a strong appeal and value among customers in Uganda and features dynamic fuel efficiency drive of 4.4 liters on 100 kilometers per distance mileage. It is a compact hatchback car offers a dazzling stylish display to everyone with the finest on-road performance.

Uganda is making consistent efforts in environment-friendly fuel-efficient transportation system for all of its citizens which provide less money expenditure and more fuel saving with better smart on-road driving.