Sustainable Eyewear

Loch Effects is now offering womens sunglasses canada its customers all of the conveniences of an in-store shopping experience, but from the comfort of their home, via a Home Try-On trial program. You can choose up to three of Loch’s Canadian-made frames and have them shipped right to your doorstep.  You’ll have three days to compare the glasses, send pics to friends and family and assess how comfortable the frames feel while seated on your bridge and around your temples.

You will then contact Loch for a free return shipping label to return the frames.  If you just need sunglasses, you can keep a pair and return the rest.  If you need prescription online glasses canada or eyeglasses, you will return all the frames, before Loch fits the chosen frame with RX lenses and sends it back to you. Whichever way you go, the Home Try-On program is a fun and risk-free way of keeping up to date on your vision needs.

Loch allows its customers to request customization of color, fit, and everything else that makes the frame suitable for the wearer. In the case of sustainable prescription eyeglass wearers, the frames are heat adjustable to ensure a high fit and are supported by a Lifelong Treatment Guarantee.

Loch Effects now delivers its shoppers all the accessibility of an in-store shopping experience but from the luxury of their home with home try on glasses trial program.

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